Sunday, 8 April 2012

The night before the off.

Tomorrow is the big day, the start of the MdS and for all of you following Steve's blog this is where you'll get all the skinny.

Steve may get some web time or he may not, it depends on the circumstances like timing, volume and so on, he has promised to keep in touch with his old man (Spencer) and I have promised in turn to be his webmaster and keep everyone up to scratch. (I have always secretly wanted to be a webmaster)  This first blog is really a test run to see if I have got it right - it all seemed so simple as he was explaining it to me - let's see.

I expect to receive his first post tomorrow (Sunday) night and I am waiting with baited breath (or four eyes as we say in Greek 'me tessera matia') to get some news.

I am as nervous as everyone is (except Blain possibly) so I will be checking my inbox every few minutes - all I can say is 'stand by'.

Until tomorrow night then,


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