Friday, 24 February 2012

Saw this and laughed: "Ultras are just eating and drinking contests with a little exercise and scenery thrown in" - courtesy of Lia Ditton.

Apologies, have been a bit slack with the blog lately, things have been a bit busy. Recent highlights were a walking marathon with Owen last Saturday with a 10kg pack; we met near rose Bay and walked around the coast down to Coogee, around Centennial Park and then back home.

Sports massage with Pete at Assuage Massage on Wednesday - fabulous! That man knows what he's doing. Happily, aside from tightness in my left calf, legs are in fairly good shape. He gave me some of his bath salts to try - soaked for 40 minutes last night - very good.

Tomorrow, I am up crazy early to meet Nick at Hornsby and then back up to Stockton for a day in the dunes. Gary will join us but alas no Owen as he has friends in town. It will be the last good chance to test stuff out in the sand before Morocco.

Last but certainly not least were a couple of donations to my campaign at Glimmer, "Clean Water Means Life". It's always very touching to see how generous some people can be. Thank you.

The guys at Glimmer of Hope were also good enough to link to my campaign from their Facebook page! Thank you Courtney and Tom for your support!

On Sunday I'm off to Canberra for the day as my sister in law is having her 2nd baby this weekend! Very exciting. It means that it won;t be until next weekend that I have some time to blog, promote my fundraising campaign, and order/organise the last of the gear that I'll need. Stay tuned...