Friday, 25 November 2011

Brooks - Pure Grit

I decided on and ordered my shoes today, the Brooks PureGrit. Made with input from none other than the  great Scott Jurek!

I evaluated a few different pairs, but PureGrit took the biscuit. There's a lot about them that I like. They're the new kids on the block - part of Brooks' new 'Pure' range which came out last month.

For one they're incredibly light at only 250g.

They're also one of the few 'minimalist' shoes that I can fit my orthotics in (I have seriously flat feet and overpronate - since I got the  orthotics, I've had no more knee problems).

Finally, they look like something the hulk would wear! There's a full review from the guys at 'iRunFar' here.

First run to work

I'd promised myself I'd run to work at least once this week; as today was Friday, it had to be today. While the weather initially looked a bit uninviting, the rain actually made it quite pleasant. I left home in Sydney CBD a little before 6 and got into work (Macquarie Park) at 7:20, I took the same route that I take when I cycle - over the harbour bridge (wow!), through North Sydney and then along cycle paths under the M2 freeway.

I think because it was still  early and the weather was lousy, there were only a handful of cyclists and a couple of runners on the way. I ran with my Raidlight backpack, fairly lightly loaded with about 5 or 6 kilos in it (laptop, clothes, towel). I ran with my Skins tank top for the first time and it meant there was no chaffing of the backpack straps - it actually worked really well. That along with the Injinji inner socks and heavier duty padded outer socks meant feet were really comfortable too. The run is about 16k and I took it nice and easy over about 95 minutes. Legs still feel fresh so as long as my gear dries out, planing to run home too.