Friday, 25 November 2011

Brooks - Pure Grit

I decided on and ordered my shoes today, the Brooks PureGrit. Made with input from none other than the  great Scott Jurek!

I evaluated a few different pairs, but PureGrit took the biscuit. There's a lot about them that I like. They're the new kids on the block - part of Brooks' new 'Pure' range which came out last month.

For one they're incredibly light at only 250g.

They're also one of the few 'minimalist' shoes that I can fit my orthotics in (I have seriously flat feet and overpronate - since I got the  orthotics, I've had no more knee problems).

Finally, they look like something the hulk would wear! There's a full review from the guys at 'iRunFar' here.

1 comment:

  1. Hello! I'm in exactly the same position. Severe over pronator wearing orthotics in my Brooks cascadias. How did the Pure Grit work out for you?
    I was thinking of giving them a try, but am hesitant because my feet are so finicky!