Friday, 13 April 2012

Contact at last

I said I would be back - 9:00pm I just got an email from Blain, apparently he has sent us both an email but I haven't got mine yet; he is well, in good spirits and happy with his tent crew.  So upbeat, quote " tomo is 'just' a marathon and then we have about 15k for final day an all done - just a jog".  He hasn't had to visit the doctor, got the best feet in the tent and is really pleased to get emails from his mates and family around the world.  He also enquired about how the fundraising was going, in the excitement I have let that side of things slide.  It's so easy, even I managed it, don't worry if it can't be much, coffee money will do and believe me, it will make a difference, go on - you know you want to do it.
Blain received the message around 4:30am and fwd it to me, so far I have heard nothing from him direct plus, I must have spent an entire day in front of my screen and not seen him; B just switched on when I called her last night and there he was - it must be love.  I'm only kidding B.  As I write this, the pain from the dentist is kicking in and I am bushed (yeah, right!) so I'm gonna try and connect with B before she goes to work.
As Arnold Schwarzteneggar used to say 'I'll be back'.

Big Love,

Spencer :{

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