Thursday, 10 May 2012


I was delighted to get home today and see that the good people at Mensa Australia had decided to run a story about the run and Glimmer of Hope in their magazine! I'll scan it in and upload it tomorrow. I'll also upload the 'top 10 tips' for running the MDS. I've been discussing these with tent mates over the last month and hope that future runners will stumble across them and find them helpful. As an aside, welcome to any new visitors to the blog from Mensa! Welcome your comments, donations or feedback! :)

Also, while I believe I've thanked every single person who's emailed me or donated to the fundraising campaign individually, I  want to say a few other thank yous.

A huge thank you to my dad for all his hard work on the blog while I was away - just about everyone who read his posts was overwhelmed by his hard work, enthusiasm and writing style.

To my good friend in Sydney, Mark Fettroll for all his efforts in making my welcome home party so very memorable!

Most importantly of all, to my lovely wife Blain for supporting me and believing in me throughout. I promise I won't do this again! Looking forward to our honeymoon later this year.

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