Thursday, 29 March 2012

Thank you Endura

I'm planning to do update the blog properly at the weekend, just wanted to say a couple of quick thank yous. Firstly, a huge Thank You to Jason Stephenson, National Sales Manager at Endura. When I contacted Jason and told him what I was up to, he sent me through a big box full of goodies - see below!

The Endura Rehydration formula was something that Nick Thomson had tipped me off about so I knew that this was a 'must have'. I'm planning to try it out on Saturday so I feel a bit more confident taking it with me. I'm also planning to try 'Endura Optimiser'. With this stuff I've got a much better chance of getting through the event without cramping or dehydration - happy days! Thank you to Jason and all at Endura for their support.

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